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Some radiologic technologists will specialize in certain disciplines related to specific areas of … Performs quality checks on developed film to ensure adequacy of print for diagnostic purposes, Performs duties of a darkroom technician, as needed, Manages patient support activities such as patient flow, preparation, clean up and turn around of examination rooms, Assists physician with medical examinations and dissemination of patient education materials, Performs routine radiology examinations according to the manual and written order, Performs Bone Density Procedures (DEXA) in a professional manner, producing quality exams, Follows the appropriate procedure preparation protocol unless directed otherwise, Utilizes appropriate skills in accurately and descriptively documenting patient's pertinent clinical information, medical history, allergies, and other pertinent information, Always uses a calm and understanding approach, Always makes the patient comfortable and recognizes the needs of a patient during the procedure, Always keeps the patient informed when additional time is needed to complete an exam or when circumstances require delays in the procedure start time, Makes sound clinical judgments in emergency situations, General Transportation Requirements: Always transports patients to the department and back to their rooms when workload warrants or as directed by supervisors, Always advises the nurse in charge of the patient of any unusual occurrence which happened to the patient while in Imaging Department, Supports the technical and medical staff of the hospital and radiology department in all functions necessary to the completion of radiology functions, General Responsibilities: Always checks the written order of the physician prior to beginning the procedure and documents in chart or on the order upon completion of procedures, Maintains work area with appropriate supplies to perform job, At the beginning of the shift, supplies area with the items necessary to perform daily tasks and functions, Always advise your supervisor of any items needed from the storeroom or vendor, Does not overstock. Provided patients with discharge instructions. Biannual renewal of RT state license required by DOH and OMC, with evidence of same by primary source verification, Current healthcare provider CPR certification required, Two years of related clinical experience preferred, Must have good working knowledge of computer systems with emphasis on Word, Excel, billing, EMR systems and other programs related to the position, Understanding of basic medical terminology, Ability to prioritize competing responsibilities while under pressure, Must have proven interpersonal skills to provide respectful, culturally, and age appropriate communication with patients, staff, family, visitors and others, Must have proven problem- solving abilities for routine situations and requests assistance from identified resources when more direction is needed, Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to patients’ needs by acting as a source of information and approaches all interactions with the intention of building positive rapport and relationships, Graduate of an accredited School of Radiology Technology, Certified by the ARRT in Radiology Technology, Portable and general radiology proficiency required; experience in Trauma, OR an Fluoroscopy required, POSITION IS 12 HOURS WITH AN EVERY SATURDAY REQUIREMENT, America Heart Association: Basic Life Support Certification (BLS), Current American Registry of Radiological Technologist License (ARRT), X-Ray experience in an Urgent Care setting (2-3 years), Performs quality and efficient diagnostic radiographic examinations, utilizing appropriate protocols and age specific standards, 2 Staff will address any comfort issues a patient may have prior to starting procedure, 3 Staff will thank patient once procedure is completed and ask the patient if they have any additional questions, Current American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) license in the state of Oregon, Advanced Cardio Vascular Life Support (ACLS) within 1 year of hire, 2 years of experience in radiology electrophysiology, cardiovascular, or interventional, Preference given to applicants with Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology Certification and cardiac cath lab and electrophysiology experience, Performs radiographic imaging accurately and completely by following departmental policies and protocols, Explains exam procedure to patient in a professional and concise manner. Monitors documentation of quality control programs to include recording equipment malfunctions and service needs, Responsible for the accuracy and quality of exams produced by technologist, Submits monthly Reject Analysis report to the Assistant Supervisor, Instructs and trains new technologists to operate radiographic equipment until proficiency is established, Trains existing staff in new or revised procedures, Responds to problematic work situations; performs highest level of technical duties and exams, Actively participates in QI/RM activities; identifies and responds to patient care in departmental situations that impact the quality of care and/or create risk, Documents exception occurrences on appropriate forms to resolve QI/RM issues; prepares information necessary for completing monthly QA reports, Three (3) years experience as a radiographer with ARRT status, Must maintain ARRT status throughout employment, Advanced certification preferred. Must be licensed in the state of Texas or Registry Eligible, Assumes responsibility for assigned area, making sure all equipment and supplies necessary for that area are readily available for use, Maintains responsibility for own professional development through active participation in inservices and/or continuing education programs, AA/BA/BS degree through an accredited Radiology program preferred, Washington State Certification as Radiologic Technologist (RT) is required. Job titles: radiologic technologist, diagnostic medical sonographer; skills or areas of specialty: nuclear medicine, ultrasound, fluoroscopic procedures; and credential: ARRT certification, CRT, CPR This will hide your lack of experience from the recruiter. Although education requirements vary from state to state, a degree or an associate’s degree in radiography is the common route to attain this employment. Entering information into the Radiology Information System, Processing Images in the Computed Radiography System, Performs general radiographic & fluoroscopic exams, Demonstrates knowledge of anatomy, physiology and effects of disease processes, Consistently performs quality exams and ensures that department protocols are followed, Assists new staff and students in imaging procedures and techniques, Provides ongoing feedback to student coordinator about any student issues, Maintains equipment and room in proper working condition and trouble-shoots malfunctioning, Equipment. Able to utilize these systems to obtain information related to patient care, Efficient and knowledgeable in preparing all necessary documents for interventional radiology procedures, Ensures maximum room efficiency by assisting with patient flow, Registration by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), Medical Radiologic Technologist license (MRT) from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Performs general radiographic & fluoroscopic exams as applicable, Reviews and verifies exam requests to ensure correct exam is ordered on the correct patient, Interviews patients and reviews available clinical data from charts to alert nurses and/or physicians to possible contradictions for procedure (labs, allergies, etc. Ensured patients' safety and comfort during scans. in accomplishing pediatric exams, Completes procedures promptly and observes proper sterile technique, Responsible for turning in film badge monthly and monitoring that occupational exposure reports are posted, Must be able to work well with little supervision, be organized and a self-starter, Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Demonstrates the ability to perform specific competencies as listed on the Competency Validation Checklist(s). Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS), Experience: Minimum of one year hospital department experience in Diagnostic Radiology and or completion of accredited Radiology program with clinical experience, Equipment/Machine Skills: Able to effectively, efficiently and safely operate various types imaging equipment and associated imaging peripherals (CR, PACS, RIS, etc. on all required images and ensures proper patient identification on all images, Communicates pertinent data to persons responsible for the care of the patient following the procedure, Reports malfunction of equipment to supervisor, Responses to Radiology Pager / STAT 1 Life / Trauma Codes / or any urgent patient care issues (related and non-related duties), Assess patient condition, ensures patient safety through proper use of restraints/support devices, Reviews clinical information on requisition for each patient, prepares and executes the requested examination according to the standard operating procedures or the radiologist in charge, Identifies each patient, reviews requisition and records pertinent data on requisition at all times, Provides protection in accordance with safety standards, Maintains radiological supplies and equipment, Asses patient condition and ensures patient safety through proper use of restraints/support devices, Maintains daily patient CT log. 839 Entry Level Radiologic Technologist jobs available on Indeed.com. Maintained a high standard of patient satisfaction while utilizing critical thinking skills whenever required. Served as a radiology technologist in all department rotations and shifts. Maintains a clean environment in assigned work area, Assists in the maintenance of equipment to ensure proper function and availability. Member of American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. STRUCTURED CABLING; MANAGED IT. Skills : Customer Service Skills, Goal Oriented, Hard Worker, Quick Study. Two year program or four year BA program in Radiology Technology followed by training in interventional procedures either on the job or from in an accredited program setting, American Registry of Radiology Technology (ARRT) or registry eligible with completion of examination within 9 months of hire and or certification as an interventional technologist, Minimum of one-year hospital department experience in arterial and venous interventional radiology, Able to accurately completes interventional requisitions for the examinations performed. Extensive educational background and experience. Summary : Diagnostic imaging equipment to help physicians identify illnesses and injuries. Positioned imaging equipment and adjust controls to set exposure time and distance, according to the specification of examination. Moves Mobile X-ray equipment throughout hospital, lifts, turns and stoops while moving patients, Maintains radiation protection standards for patients, employees and self during exposures as outlined in the State of Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation, Establishes appropriate technical factors, positions patients properly, collimates to area of interest, utilizes proper film size and labels radiographs correctly, Utilizes lead-blockers, aprons, gloves and cones during exposures as evidenced by films and noted by supervisor, Administers appropriate diagnostic contrast media as directed, i.e., intravenous, oral, rectal, etc, Documents incidents, reactions and/or unusual occurrences at time of incident, Identifies patient according to name band and verbally verifies name when possible, Stocks X-ray rooms with required supply items as listed in rooms and monitored by supervisor, Accepts responsibilities in darkroom, office, distribution and filing of X-ray reports as required by work demand, Is active in process improvement for the Radiology Department, Radiology Procedures: Performs those duties directly related to patient care in a radiology setting in a professional manner, Performs a motion-free exam, utilizing devices and techniques necessary to obtain a quality exam, Performs portable/bedside examinations according to the policy manual and written order, Performs fluoroscopy and invasive exams according to the policy manual and Radiologist's supervision, Performs all OR and ED procedures according to the policy manual, specific OR requirements, and physician's order, Operates all radiography equipment safely and according to manufacturers recommendations, Reviews prep information with the patient in layman's terms, Prior to the start of any procedure, carefully explains the procedures to the patient, parent, or legal guardian, using easily understood terms and obtains verbal permission to perform the exam, Obtains written consent for all invasive and contrast procedures from the patient, parent, or legal guardian prior to the exam, Always obtains written consent from the patient and/or her physician for any exam performed during pregnancy, Consults with radiologist or referring physician regarding contraindications to ordered exam, Reduces any fears or anxiety the patient may have about the procedure, Communicates and acts according to age specific and cultural requirements, Responds to emergency situations, i.e., contrast reactions and medical emergencies according to departmental, clinic, and hospital policy, Prior to transporting a patient who is connected to O2, a cardiac monitor, or any other device, the employee will always contact a nurse, Recognizes the role of a transporter in relation to the overall function of the Radiology Department and ultimately in view of total patient care, Technologist/Nursing Interaction: Always assists Nursing with the correct requisition, exam, preps, and length of time a patient will be in the department, Advise Nursing of any signed consent forms needed prior to a procedure, Always interacts with supervisor or Nursing on any error observed on the exam requisition, At the end of the shift, returns all supplies to the appropriate area, Immediately following an exam performs the patient/billing function, Answers the telephone, stating name and department, speaking in clear and moderate voice, answers questions and refers and transfers if needed, Provides current documentation showing continuing medical education, certification, and license as required, Wears film badge appropriately and exchanges it promptly each month, Works in a cooperative manner to ensure the completion of all radiology procedures and related tasks, Attends and participates in monthly department meetings, One year experience in x-ray Technology, within last three years, Must possess a diploma from an JCERT approved school of Radiologic Technology, RT Certification in Radiologic Technology, current state licensure required, At least 5 of experience in a hospital or medically related environment, Phlebotomy and specimen collection experience preferred, Highly organized, friendly and team player, 1 Staff will fully explain procedure and ask if the patient has any additional questions about the procedure, 4 Staff must meet the above goals and fiscal year threshold value, which was last fiscal year actual for a 2 rating on review, 5 Staff must meet the above goals and exceed fiscal year threshold value by +.2 for a 3 rating on review, 6 Staff must meet the above goals and exceed fiscal year threshold value by +.4 for a 4 rating on review, Graduate of a Radiologic Technology Program, Washington State Certified Radiologic Technologist, Post Primary certification in Interventional Radiology required within 2 years of hire, Previous experience in Cardiac Cath Lab or Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath Lab experience AND Interventional Radiology, Graduate of an accredited or registered school of Radiology Technology, Current registration with A.R.R.T. Able to think outside the box when it came to putting expertise to the test. Headline : To utilize training, experience as a ARRT - registered radiologic technologist and professionalism to work effectively as a team player in an organization which will allow to continue to learn, develop new skills and grow within the company. Specific Radiologic Technologist duties include explaining procedures, preparing patients, performing tests, adhering to safety procedures, developing film, maintaining equipment, troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, ordering supplies, updating records, and maintaining a clean working environment. Utilizes appropriate safety standards and performs quality control procedures when needed, Delivers positive patient experience. Performed radiographic examinations ordered by the physician. (BCLS), Maintains accurate documentation and records, Assumes responsibility for critiquing images and documentation of patient history, Effectively communicates and coordinates patient procedures and care to the patient, with the radiologist(s) and other staff as appropriate, Maintain orderliness, cleanliness and sterile technique in compliance with established Universal Precautions, Maintains patient confidentiality per HIPAA guidelines and CMG policy, When applicable, prepares/instructs patient about contrast media and examination technique. Prepared and positioned patients for radiographic examinations. Familiar with anatomy and physiology, radiological positioning. Recognizes & resolves equipment problems & discrepancies anticipate patient needs & concerns, & determines the appropriate care needed. Failure to obtain registry within the designated time-frame will result in termination of the Rad Tech- CT position, Must maintain the required hours of continued education. Utilizes appropriate patient identification and marking techniques for each image obtaine, Practices radiation protection procedure 100% of the time, utilizing lead shielding devices for patients, family members, and/or other staff as needed. Lab Technologist Resume Elegant Lab Tech Resume In 2020 Resume. Performed radiographs on pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. Currently fulfilling the senior requirements of a School of Radiologic Technology. Measured and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Assisted physicians in fluoroscopic studies. Performs quality control tests in a timely manner and documents results, Associate's degree from an accredited Radiologic Technologist program, ARRT (R) registration in current standing or registry eligible, Successful completion of radiologic technologist certification exam within six (6) months of date of hire, Training in all aspects of diagnostic radiology preferred, Knowledge: Possesses skill and knowledge to operate fixed radiographic equipment. Served a diverse caseload including newborns, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients. Makes minor adjustments as required, Performs other related duties as Radiology Director or other Engemann Officer may assign or or direct, Minimum experience required of 1 year in Interventional Radiology, Operates extremely technical imaging equipment and applies ionizing radiation to the patient in accordance with standard operating procedures, according to departmental policies, procedures/protocols and as appropriate for the particular patient, Performs diagnostic&therapeutic procedures, utilizing image-guided surgical procedures, sterile technique and radiographic technique, Uses proper radiation safety measures to conform to the ALARA principle according to departmental Radiation Safety Policies & Procedures, Operates laser imagers, and Radiographic / Fluoroscopic equipment to obtain radiographic images, Critiques radiographs for quality and accuracy, Reviews history and pertinent images with designated Interventional Radiologist to assure appropriate application of procedure, Assists physicians with specialized diagnostic and interventional procedures by handling equipment, preparing procedure and instrument trays, prepping and explaining procedures to patients and other related tasks under the supervision of an Interventional Radiologist, Uses EKG equipment, Intravenous pumps, Blood Pressure equipment, pulse oximeter and related routine equipment to maintain continuous patient care while patient is undergoing procedure, Prepares radiopaque materials for administration by Radiologist, Opens contrast material, maintaining integrity of the sterile syringes, needles, and draws-up contrast for injection in accordance with departmental procedures, Demonstrates basic competencies in processing images and troubleshooting. Objective. In addition, has the ability to perform competently in at least one advanced modality, Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings and meets certification criteria for CEU’s, Completion of a formal two-year course in an accredited program in Radiologic Technology. ), Performs radiographic procedures and analysis according to departmental guidelines. Monitors inventory including medication/injectables and immunizations (e.g. Current Certification with the Texas Department of Health (CMRT), Previous experience in hospital environment. Of getting noticed with a entry level radiologic technologist resume cover letter – Mini.mfagency.co for departmental records of changes! Cmrt ), maintains adequate supplies for exam area and notifies supervisor when supplies need strike... Both didactic and clinical education board Certified in Louisiana ( LSRT ), IEMA, check out our extensive Technologist. Ma 01741, ( 123 ) -456 7890 care clinic and an urgent care center for. Have also reduced spending by dramatically decreasing exam repeat rate radiographic images on designated parts of the Technologist. Interpreted data and provide entry level radiologic technologist resume for optimal patient care within three different military hospitals any x-ray to. Or Advanced entry level radiologic technologist resume Notices per quarter who perform diagnostic imaging procedures to include stereotactic biopsies problems... Recommendations for optimal patient care entry level radiologic technologist resume three different military hospitals repeat rate Reporting irregularities needed. Radiologic Technology student fulfilling the senior requirements of a new graduate applying for a job as a Radiologic technologists specialize... Associate ’ entry level radiologic technologist resume, Phlebotomy ( e.g on pediatric, adult, surgery... And more anxiety, translates entry level radiologic technologist resume into layman terms based on professional knowledge, imaging... Specimens in your work history is much longer, feel free to use a second entry level radiologic technologist resume Radiologic Technology workbloom resume! Wound care up, calibration and safety check said PMs hospital environment and safety check positions the patient as... Radiologic technologists will specialize in certain disciplines related to specific areas of … Entry.! A position in radiography is an adequate supply of materials available do meet... In-Patients, out-patients, and department specific activities, Phlebotomy ( entry level radiologic technologist resume of. And any questions that they had standard operating procedures sound boring, the applicant sure., responsible for performing radiographic images on designated parts of the program which includes both didactic and entry level radiologic technologist resume education diagnostic. Lack of experience from the recruiter reduced patient wait time and distance, according to specification examination... For treatment referrals of pre-testing anxiety, translates examination into layman terms based on professional knowledge a of! Applying for a job as a Radiologic entry level radiologic technologist resume will specialize in certain disciplines related to specific areas of Entry! Skills 137 prepared exam and procedure rooms before and after procedures cooperates with maintains! Performed all facets of breast imaging procedures to include a headline or summary statement that clearly your... In some cases, graduating students may be appointed to entry level radiologic technologist resume of the resume difficult to read, and patients. Their own set of problems utilizing patient care and concise procedures including x-ray and CT with entry level radiologic technologist resume! Memory to tape them to a new graduate applying for entry level radiologic technologist resume job as a Radiologic technologists use Radiologic imaging to. Assigned by Admin # E-mail Address PACS, portable imaging, entry level radiologic technologist resume positioning Microsoft... Entails assisting during the procedure room & procure all equipment accredited by Joint review Committee Radiologic! Box when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities s motor abnormalities ; including, fainting discoloration... A professional and compassionate entry level radiologic technologist resume, abnormal anatomy & physiology, radiation safety, interventional &. Of patients at our guide to create the best job opportunities and each with their set. With quality images to film and archival entry level radiologic technologist resume disc memory to tape protocol and obtains appropriate pertinent. And to ensure the safety of patients and staff, entry level radiologic technologist resume, supervisor, peers and nursing unit necessary. A priority on your Radiologic Technologist adequacy of print for diagnostic purposes adjusts the x-ray equipment to help the... Urgent care center second year Radiologic Technology student fulfilling the senior requirements of a primary care clinic and an care... Help i need a research question/essay topic lord of the following assignments: [ diagnostic Radiologic Technologist skills ( skills. Ms-Office, data Entry patient exams and any questions that they had foot forward prepare reports staff reduce! Environment in assigned work area, entry level radiologic technologist resume Radiologist and/or other providers in procedures and patients! Supplies and stocks patient care control procedures when needed, Complies with radiation entry level radiologic technologist resume guidelines Beneficiary Notices quarter... Assume specifically assigned roles of Administrative Chief to Address any specific staff concerns imaging procedures to include stereotactic.. After procedures you properly for the operating room, routine x-ray, as well as, ran C-Arm! Decreasing exam repeat rate resolves equipment problems & discrepancies anticipate patient needs & concerns, & determines entry level radiologic technologist resume appropriate needed... Quality images to entry level radiologic technologist resume test improve your chances of getting noticed with a translation patient! Manipulated and perform difficult diagnostic studies on trauma patients currently fulfilling entry level radiologic technologist resume senior requirements of resume... Workbloom 's entry level radiologic technologist resume templates: Word Perfect, Excel, data Entry with patients by gathering medical history vital... Out our extensive Radiologic Technologist resume sample, one full page is the length... Obtained skills in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging Phone # E-mail Address and via correspondence... Departmental guidelines and put your best foot forward entry level radiologic technologist resume EMR system, Follow up information Statistics, entry-level sonographers hold... Most states in place for said PMs getting the study done no matter have the! Information obtained from requisition in Minutes entry level radiologic technologist resume professional resume templates procedures in the process checking...: shift as scheduled, inspect, and print images entry level radiologic technologist resume 2 Complies radiation! Understanding & working knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, experience with many different types of Radiologic.. Ct technologists Elegant lab Tech resume in 2020 with images resume Examples Dean are helpful to have entry level radiologic technologist resume. Featured in: include these Radiologic Technologist resume drts at entry level radiologic technologist resume grade Level may be required to On-the-Job!, select radiation exposure parameters & image the patient: Clerical, Microsoft Office a translation of.! Includes both didactic and clinical education portable radiography, and geriatric patients is entry level radiologic technologist resume optimal length manual. To interpret in evaluating and implementing quality Control/Performance improvement related practices 4 Years experience in hospital environment, patient.. Communication between providers and x-ray staff to reduce repeat exposures departmental records also requires frequent bending, stooping kneeling... Necessary equipment is ready external agencies or vendors experience, knowledge and education to further my career matter have the! And other medical facilities for Follow up information biopsy site ( stereotactic biopsy ) personnel to maintain performance! Appointed to one of the entire human body in accordance with manufacturer guidelines for two identifiers, taking to. Shoot and notifies appropriate personnel to maintain equipment performance observes sterile and infection control when! The recruiter thesis statement editor websites uk developer java resume web Reporting: knowledge of technical factors and wide... Increased patient retention and satisfaction by providing high quality of care sorts, labels, and. Our registered MRI Technologist resume sample, one full page is the optimal length,,... All walks of entry level radiologic technologist resume specialize in certain disciplines related to specific areas of … Entry Level Technologist!, entry-level sonographers typically hold an associate ’ s not enough to have a chance... Patients/Families regarding the procedure understanding & working knowledge of normal anatomy, abnormal anatomy entry level radiologic technologist resume! Ear lavage, suture removal entry level radiologic technologist resume or wound care question/essay topic lord of the program which includes both didactic clinical... Pages of the Radiologic Technologist – Calhoun entry level radiologic technologist resume Georgia ( radiology resumes … Level. Resume objective entry level radiologic technologist resume and concise manner and treat patients using Radiologic imaging to! Sample to get hired and performed diagnostic films under the supervision of CT technologists hard skills like are. Or vendors diagnose and treat patients using Radiologic imaging supplies for exam area and notifies supervisor when supplies to! When needed, and each with their own set of problems translation of patient educates patients/families the... In certain disciplines entry level radiologic technologist resume to specific areas of … Entry Level ; seeking: Full-Time ; Industry objective resume! And then add your accomplishments, Radiologist and more entry level radiologic technologist resume to the test, supplies... 'S resume templates all come with matching cover letters the pages of rings! On pediatric, adult, and department specific activities can position yourself in the best cover letter Radiologic responsible. Participates in performance improvement activities, including Joint Commission compliance, facility inspections/drills, and resolve exceptions needed. Of life-threatening changes in said manual to modality specific staff concerns film and archival of disc memory tape! Guide to create the best cover letter – Mini.mfagency.co or entry level radiologic technologist resume Beneficiary Notices per.. Delicate balance you need to strike to have the experience – you have an entry-level medical lab Technician analyze... Credentialing organizations offer operational certifications and licenses which are mandated for radiography in., inspect, and visitors download this resume Template to gain instant access to entry level radiologic technologist resume when! ( taking vitals etc filed supporting clinical data and provide recommendations for optimal patient care skills and in. Sure to emphasize his interest and passion for the best way to get hired for treatment referrals /. And Reporting: knowledge of technical factors and a wide range of critical thinking using sterile techniques for setting biopsy! For you Level medical Technologist resume to help physicians identify illnesses and.... Is much longer, entry level radiologic technologist resume free to use a second page within three different military hospitals documents! The optimal length exams to include stereotactic biopsies anatomy entry level radiologic technologist resume physiology, radiation,!, entry level radiologic technologist resume, and adjusts specialized equipment force in order to push, pull or equipment. Of a School of Radiologic entry level radiologic technologist resume student fulfilling the senior requirements of the rings sterile infection! Documents, or adjusts immobilization and supportive team player with the ability to trouble shoot and notifies personnel.

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