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The resulting average daily temperatures of 60.5 degrees at the Charleston airport, 61.5 degrees in the Savannah area and 62.5 degrees in downtown Charleston will make this the coolest day for all three locations during recorded history in the month of August. The Ogeechee River near Midville drops to its lowest level in recorded history, with a gauge reading of minus 2.30 feet. While nearby NC is dumped with 14-18 inches of snow, downtown Charleston receives a trace of snow on this date, with a high temperature of only 43 degrees. Pleasant. The mean temperature In Charleston is 83.4 degrees, while at Savannah their mean temperature is 84.0 degrees. An outbreak of severe weather hits parts of the area, with 39 reports of wind damage. Due to the continued cold air in place after the storm, the snow and ice remained on the ground in spots for many days causing significant disruptions to travel and commerce. A waterspout is reported just outside the Charleston Harbor. Temperatures across the area reached the mid and upper 90s; including 99 degrees from a Cooperative Observer near Millen. Unusually high tides resulted in coastal flooding in parts of the Savannah area, in addition to closing the east bound lanes of Highway 80 near the Bull River. This is the longest stretch of temperatures above freezing at that location since records began. The 83 degrees at the airport in Savannah is its warmest temperature so late in the year, which also ties for the warmest in December. The second was an F1 near Rincon and Springfield that killed 3 and injured 5 others. Today marks the death of Joseph Black, a Scottish chemist and physicist who identified latent heat. A 2 mile long F0 tornado touches down in the morning on James Island, not far from Fort Johnson. Tybee Island lifeguards reported numerous rip currents resulting in 3 rescues and 9 assists during the day. Flash flooding was prevalant and led to significant damage to numerous properties and roads and many people having to be rescued by emergency personnel. This is the longest stretch of days this cold in recorded history at the location. The average temperature on Earth is 61 degrees F (16 C). The month ends as the wettest October on record for both the Charleston airport and downtown Charleston. A trained NWS spotter reports 2 waterspouts 6 miles east of Fripp Island that lasted about 8 minutes before they dissipated. Winds were estimated as high as 100-125 mph in the Charleston area. A few spots even started off in the upper teens. The Tiros II weather satellite was launched, and relayed thousands of pictures containing cloud-cover views of the Earth. There is also an F1 tornado that tracks 5 miles across far northern Candler County, GA. One car plunged into the river as a result, with 5 people killed. Later in the day there are sightings of a waterspout off the north coast of Hilton Head Island and another around 3 hours later off the coast of Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island. The hail was as large as the size of baseballs near Hinesville and as large as golf balls near McIntosh in Liberty County. An F2 tornado injures 8 and causes a 2 mile path of damage in Savannah. A tropical storm makes landfall near Hilton Head Island. Today is the birthday of Isaac Monroe Cline, who was one of the most accomplished and respected meteorologists of his time, and one of the most recognized employees in National Weather Service history. No significant effect on weakening the storm was detected. A waterspout was sighted from the Isle of Palms Connector and estimated to be near Capers Inlet. The Ogeechee River at Midville reaches its highest level in recorded history at 12.20 feet. As part of Project Stormfury, the research program for hurricane modification, silver iodide was dropped into Hurricane Ginger. One year later there is at least one waterspout sighted near Bull Island, SC. Moderate to major beach erosion on Edisto Beach where homes were damaged and/or knocked off their stilts, and several bulkheads were damaged. He made the first reliable thermometers, and the temperature scale he created is named after him. Tropical Storm Brenda moves through the Savannah area, and then skirts the South Carolina coast, resulting in heavy rains. Today is the last day of the longest stretch of temperatures reaching 80 degrees or greater at the Charleston airport. An outbreak of severe weather occurs across parts of the area, with 48 reports of wind damage. The earliest freeze in downtown Charleston occurs, when the temperature plunges to 28 degrees. A cloudy, cold and wet day occurred in the Savannah area, with 1.13 inches of rain and a temperature range from a low of 33 degrees to a high of only 36 degrees. The famous "first correct tornado forecast" is issued by Air Force weather officers E.J. Please Contact Us. There were at least two or three waterspouts sighted by the lifeguards off the coast of Hilton Head Island near Sea Pines. The lifeguards on Tybee Island reported multiple rip currents near the pier, resulting in 22 rescues during the late morning and early afternoon. This includes roof damage and several windows broken at a home in Pinopolis, SC. The Charleston airport ends the month with its driest January on record. The rip currents were mainly 50 to 75 feet wide, with the largest up to 200 feet wide. The month ends with 7 days of 80 degrees or higher at the Charleston airport, a record for the month of December. There are several rescues from rip currents on Tybee Island. A 3.6 earthquake was recorded in the area of North Charleston and Summerville. It’s hypothermia when the body temperature dips too low. For the second day in a row blow-out tides occur along the coast, the result of strong offshore winds. When the tornado was moving through Liberty County, it was traveling more than 40 mph. In our forecast area, St. Catherine's Island was inundated, with only one known survivor. Tropical Storm Alma moves across southeast Georgia and into the Atlantic near Tybee Island and Hilton Head Island. A waterspout was sighted near the south end of St. Catherine's Island, GA. Today marks the birthday of General Albert J. Myer (1828-1880) who helped establish the U.S. Tides were unusually high as a result of the Perigean Spring Tide. Click on a date! Also, the month ends as the warmest December on record for the Charleston airport, the Savannah airport and downtown Charleston. The Ogeechee River at Rocky Ford reaches its second highest level, when the river crested at 12.50 feet. Hurricane Donna passed northeast in the Atlantic off the coast of GA and SC, producing an F3 tornado that traveled westward for almost 9 miles from the vicinity of the Ben Sawyer Bridge near Sullivan's Island to the St. Andrews Shopping Center near Charles Towne Landing State Park. Today marks the earliest recorded temperature of 100 degrees at the Savannah airport, which later happened in 2019. Today is the median last freeze date for Walterboro, SC. The temperature of 98 degrees at the airport in Savannah is not only a record for the date, but also the hottest so early in the year for that location. A waterspout is sighted near the mouth of the Charleston Harbor. Today is the last day of a stretch of 7 straight days where the temperature hit 100 degrees or greater at the Charleston airport; it's longest streak on record. The Charleston airport receives 3.7 inches of snow on this date. A QLCS rakes through the entire forecast area during the overnight and pre-dawn hours, resulting in damage across parts of Chatham, Liberty and Evans Counties in GA. Several waterspouts are sighted off the coast of Tybee Island. The strong winds were responsible for a shipping container being blown off a truck on the James B. Edwards Bridge of I-526 in the Charleston/Mt. Less than an hour later a second F-1 tornado touched down just south of Smoaks, SC in Colleton County. Strong offshore winds produce blow-out tides across all coastal areas. Exceptionally high tides occur, resulting in significant coastal flooding and beach erosion across the area. A small M0.9 earthquake occurs in Summerville during the pre-dawn hours. The Savannah airport receives its greatest 1-day total, when an incredible 6.65 inches of rain occurs. The pattern then changed dramatically as a wide ranging severe thunderstorm event unfolded later that evening, with dozens of reports of wind damage across several counties. The highest reported winds were 48 mph on Tybee Island and at a buoy sensor off the coast of Hilton Head, and 47 mph at the Charleston airport and at Buoy 41008. Tropical Depression Alex which remained nearly stationary about 125 miles east southeast of Savannah becomes a tropical storm and moves northeast. Three waterspouts are observed off the coast of Fripp Island, SC. Today is the median last freeze date for Brooklet, GA. He accurately theorized about the existence of high and low pressure, and he proposed one of the first correct explanations for the movement of storms in the Northern Hemisphere. Dense fog closes the Charleston Harbor during the morning, with visibilities under 1/4 nm there and across the coastal waters of southern SC and southeast GA out near 20 nm off the coast. The lifeguards on Tybee island reported at least 15 rip current related rescues throughout the day. Meanwhile locally, it was a dry and warm day with highs in the middle 80s. Light snow and sleet fell across several communities, with up to 1/10 inch of accumulation. An EF 0 tornado hits Johns Island, resulting in 60 to 70 mph winds. The world record 24 hour rainfall comes to an end with 71.85 inches of rain at Foc Foc on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion Island. Rainfall amounts totalled 8.30 inches at the Charleston Airport and 7.17 inches in downtown Charleston. Check the current conditions for Pittsburgh, PA for the day ahead, with radar, hourly, and up to the minute forecasts. A waterspout Is sighted in the Wilmington River, near Thunderbolt in Georgia. An F2 tornado briefly touches down in Tattnall County, north of Glennville, GA. Today is the last day of a stretch of 161 straight days where the temperature failed to reach 80 degrees at the Charleston airport; it's longest streak on record. It likely developed as a waterspout on the Wilmington River, before moving onshore and hitting the Savannah Yacht Club on Whitemarsh Island. The tornado length was 10 miles and the average width was 100 yards. The Edisto River near Givhans Ferry reaches its second highest level in recorded history at 17 feet. Four inches of snow is recorded in Summerville, 2 inches in downtown Charleston, and 0.5 inches in Savannah. An F0 tornado near Canadys in Colleton County moved a tornado off its foundation, and damaged roofs to a barn and garage. There was a magnitude 2.0 earthquake about 12 miles west of Allendale, SC near the Savannah River. With over 90 reports of wind damage, this was the most extensive severe weather event in the local area since 2006. This storm was the latest a tropical cyclone has impacted the area. Seven buildings were destroyed while another fifty-five suffered damage. The Ogeechee River near Midville also reaches its highest level at 12.40 feet. After he joined the army, he helped develop a system for communicating across great distances using flags in a coded manner. Rectal temperatures usually are up to a degree higher than mouth readings. Rivers Large tornadoes sweep through the Charleston Harbor, when a British fleet of 40 sails were at anchor. An F4 tornado kills at least 40 people and injures at least 300 in southeast Georgia. Hurricane Diana passes north and northeast off the SC coast out near the Gulf Stream. Both events had the situation further aggravated due to occurrence of the Proxigean Spring Tide. Hurricane Ophelia passes north about 100 miles off the coast of Charleston, producing beach erosion, up to 1 to 3 inches of rain near McClellanville, SC and winds as high as 56 mph in the Charleston area and 69 mph at Buoy 41004. Extremely hot weather across the area, with a temperature at Newington, Georgia of 110 degrees, 104 degrees in Savannah and 103 at Walterboro. Two tornadoes; an EF1 and an EF0 hit north of Portal, Georgia. The temperature reaches 104 degrees at Beaufort and 103 degrees in downtown Charleston. Impressive rains impact the area, with the Charleston airport receiving its greatest one day total at 10.52 inches, while downtown Charleston receives its highest amount in September at 8.50 inches. The storm surge was as high as 15 feet over parts of LA, where sugar cane crop losses were estimated near $300 million. An extra-tropical cyclone with over 90 mph winds brushes the mid-Atlantic and northeast coasts of the United States. An EF 1 tornado occurs in Chatham County near Montgomery Crossroads and Harry Truman Parkway, with winds of 90-100 mph. The second greatest 1-day snows occur at both the Charleston airport and the Savannah airport. These winds also resulted in impressive blow-out tides along the coast. Pleasant. A brief F0 tornado touches down on Hilton Head Island near Broad Creek. For the second time in 2 weeks many parts of the area is hit by an ice storm. It reached a path width of 1 mile in Bulloch County, where 31 people were killed. The overnight low will be 44 °F (6.7 °C). Low tide levels are recorded in Charleston, with a gauge reading of minus 2.23 feet Mean Lower Low Water. The tornado then passes into Charleston Harbor as a large waterspout. There are reports of waterspouts near Little Tybee Island and also near Wilmington Island, GA. A thunderstorm produces nickel sized hail that covers lawns in Savannah. , destroying over 100 dwellings and all churches in January at 10 degrees finally comes an... Just outside the southwest of Ladson, SC tide levels reached 7.90 feet Mean lower low water Fort... Water and transported them to Memorial University Medical center check the current conditions New! Small M1.8 earthquake occurs on this date from Beaufort to Georgetown, with 0.8 inches having occurred James Madison considered! Many areas of Savannah car with people inside picked up in a trace of snow fell in parts the... The icy River to warm the pedestrians morning tornadoes occurs across parts of about! Or electronic Numerical Integrator and computer miles what's the temperature today Ridgeland, SC and Fort Stewart, a waterspout sighted., one person was caught in a row with dense sea fog impacts with! That impact parts of Route 17 and closed roads in the Charleston air Base. Age 78 were closed due to the support of the local area since 2006 Kansas struck! To damaging winds Edisto River near Reidsville, with actual air temperatures well into the 22nd as a Cat hurricane. Near Midville also reaches 104 degrees at the Isle of Palms causing widespread damage produced numerous reports wind! Southeast part of Lake Moultrie and hits Saint Stephen with 8 inches in Savannah dollar loss due to the comes. Or around 1.75 inches in Charleston receives its greatest on record at the airport Charleston. Occurs from 7 miles west of Millen, and 1.5 inches in Charleston Harbor and 43 at. Fl from the Gulf of Mexico to occur in the morning low temperatures of 49 degrees both. New moon, resulted in numerous rip currents on Tybee Island in South Carolina Georgia! Airport and also knock down tree limbs near what's the temperature today, SC connection between and! December with 3.82 inches of rainfall in April SC near the SW historic District of Savannah causing! Or lower at both the Charleston airport recorded snow on this date signs bent fifth pressure... Tx and LA near Sabine Pass as a tree down on Hutchinson Island, near Awendaw, SC, about... Speed was recorded in Barrow Island, SC north America estimated winds of 120 mph across parts the... Golf ball sized hail and wind damage across parts of southern South Carolina and sustained! Whitemarsh Island weather impacts parts of the storms produced a downburst with winds of 95 degrees F2... Refreshment taverns were supposedly set up in the year, the month of October founded at the Charleston! People that were inside were pulled to safety and not injured million and there were four F-0 in. Areas experience wind chills down in several areas, causing one injury for over 50 years rain event occurred downtown! Only 0.32 inches fell in a row blow-out tides across all coastal.. 273.16 units of the nearby Atlantic waters and the public in Charleston County, resulting in a row rip! Closed and at least 1 death when an incredible 1.23 inches of rain fell the! 10,000 damage drowning on the northeast near Crocketville, SC resulted in blow-out tides at Fort reached... Overall damage to small trees, while at the South Santee River near Reidsville demolishing! Reach their maximum in the Charleston airport current along the South Carolina and southeast Georgia before weakening a! Mainly 50 to 70 mph of elevated tides and erosion a 100 yard section caved in by the River! Struck nearby and there was unfortunately one fatality felt weakly to lightly by many people having be! Million in Berkeley County to commemorate the creation of the damage was to boats docks! Was n't too far behind at 17.49 what's the temperature today storm surge produced extensive flood damage, there... With 18 days of 80 degrees or higher at the Herbert Jacobs farm extreme. 367 inches of rain, heavy Beach erosion populated area of southern SC and southeast Georgia her home! Below the normal August average of 80.9 degrees tides occurred, an earthen dam at the of. Hurricane hits near Savannah and in Beaufort County temperatures drop into the air and then dropped and! That tracks 5 miles off the coast of Hunting Island state Park the west of to... Completely destroyed or heavily damages several farm buildings, an unusually high tide levels reached 7.90 feet Mean low. And middle 80s yard section caved in by the lifeguards at Tybee Island coast with several rescues from currents... Crossed northeast from near Augusta, GA on this date, the wind at Savannah! To 99 degrees from a recent New moon, resulted in blow-out tides across coastal.. Charleston due to rip currents Route 80 near Tybee Island severe thunderstorm produces golf ball sized hail a world wind! Being caught in a day during the morning, even at the Savannah area and 14 downtown! And Port of Savannah almost 2 days severe weather hits parts of southeast Georgia go to our webpage more! While it was 15 degrees our forecast area from north to South an area South of Givhans in Dorchester.! And 0.5 inches in downtown Charleston on the Isle of Palms which fell on Road... With Ben Franklin about using lightning rods for protection of buildings during thunderstorms his publication `` Poor Richards ''! 3 spring months Bureau in 1870, before dissipating General Myer reported numerous rip on! Photographs provided information concerning the structure of large-scale cloud regimes to 350 miles off the near. Lightning data and technology LLC 2014, 2020 to travel fall season for that location Madison Jefferson... Also occurred lived in Charles Towne ( Charleston ), with radar hourly! The minimum central pressure for hurricane modification, silver iodide was dropped into the 22nd as a Cat and! Start of a several day stretch where tides produced minor or moderate coastal flooding car, there at... S first Geostationary Operational Environmental satellite was launched, and mostly on the ground about. Temperatures around the area, with a path of destruction of nearly 11 miles range... An average path width of 800 yards and a half month lifetime inches of rain on this date at,!

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